The iBlog5 Summit

iblog51As willed, I attended the 5th Philippine Blogging Summit (iBlog5) held yesterday at Malcolm Hall, UP-Diliman, Quezon City. As a first time summit attendee and a newbie blogger, I was really excited and expecting to learn much from the different topics in the program. I hope to get the answers to the many questions on my mind about blogging per se.

The morning topics covered the basics of the different types of blogging. It practically covered all the knowledge I learned by self-study for almost two (2) months when I started blogging. The presentors came well-prepared but I should say that the twenty (20) minutes or so allotted for each topic was not enough. The time was so short, it left just enough time for one or two questions.

I personally know that many participants still want to ask questions but there was no time anymore. As a matter of fact, some participants who are already standing and ready to shoot their questions were not allowed by the master of ceremonies to ask them. It would have been better if there was more time for questions and answers. Let us accept the fact that not all issues can be covered in the lecture part of the presentation.

The afternoon topics covered the more advanced issues in blogging. The presentors their knowledge on the subject of copyright, blog promotion, site traffic increase and more importantly how to earn from blogging.

While at it, the presentors were one in their advice to blog only on topics of passion to the blogger and be patient for the results of the activity. High traffic and passive income will not come overnight. Fame and money from a blog require some doing by the blogger himself.

Overall, the event was good for all the attendees and better for those participants who are just starting or about to start blogging. It left much to be desired on issues like who are the better cost-per-click advertisers, what traffic monitor to use and what kind of traffic to expect for new blogs and many others. On hindsight, how I wish café owners who are considering to start blogging were there. The decision and the process of beginning to blog would have been easier.

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