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my_other_blogJust like many people who decided to go on blogging seriously, I am not sure if having more weblogs is better than just having one. The general question is, which could produce more traffic or readers, one niche blog with specific target audience or two or more blog sites on different topics. I was surprised to find out that many serious bloggers maintain not just one weblog but mostly three to five blog sites. The equation goes this way, one site with say 300 visitors a day is the same as three sites with 100 daily visitors each.

If you ask any blogger, he would, of course, prefer one site with many visitors. Writing one blog for one site is definitely a lot easier that writing many blogs for as many sites. But somehow, there are real reasons why a blogger must have more than one weblog. Blogs nowadays are like commodities with intended markets. You could learn from local client takeover about marketing and more. The readers of a blog category will not necessarily become readers of another category. And yes, a blogger, no matter how good he is on many subjects, cannot put them all together on one blogsite.

Actually, in my case, I had decided to have this niche blog for café owners. My topics here. as much as I can, will be about the café business. There will be days when I will stray away and be off-topic but that should not happen often. And in my effort to get readers othan than café owners, I created another weblog about my personal life experience, knowledge, insight and vision as any human being would have.

I started my other weblog about a month ago on a free-hosted site at It’s actually on a site owned and maintained by dotPH company who, I learned only lately, was offering for free hosting to Filipino bloggers since 2005. Those of you who wants to start their blogs on a free site can consider going to to create your account. The procedure in creating your blog is very easy and there are many themes to choose from.

I must add that I move my other weblog to BlogSpot, another free-hosting site, because I have to take advantage of its being an affiliate of the giant search engine known to all of us as Google. Before the transfer, I read in some sites discussing how to increase web traffic that having one site with BlogSpot and have it backlinked to your other blogsite will do some wonders on the search engine optimization (SEO) of the weblog not hosted by Google will discuss more about SEO including how to be an SEO reseller as soon as I gain more knowledge about it. Choosing a Digital Agency in 2021 as well as going for an SEO company is feasible and smart.

My other weblog is now entitled EdZee’s Web Logs since I moved it to BlogSpot two (2) days ago. I wish to invite you to visit it and let me know you comments about the topics I have there. I will also regularly post articles in it so your regular visit to the site is also requested.

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