You Could Be Blogging Already

blog_3Do you know that many among us could be doing blogs already? Informally, I should say. If you are fond of visiting web forums and had started a few topics with 2 or 3 paragraphs of premises to begin the discussion, then you had already blogged. Do you post some personal notes in your Friendster accounts? That is also blogging already.

Actually, when you make a short description of yourself when joining an SN (social networking) site, that’s like creating the About page of a weblog. Starting a topic on your favorite forum is already blogging especially if you sufficiently describe the topic you want to discuss. If you are doing this thing on a regular basis then I would say you are already a blogger except that you are called a TS (thread starter) and not a blogger by your co-members of the forum.

I know that many of us, for the prime reason of being always online while tending the business, are either lurkers or active participants of web forums and blogs. It is for this reason that I say blogging is for i-café owners. The only reservation that may linger in your mind is if you can make it as a blogger. Again, I say you can because you have the time and resources to study and practice blogging.

One example that will support my theory that a café owner can be good in blogging is the Ang pinaka off-topic na thread sa lahat” at ULOP. The title which means “The Most Off-Topic Thread of All” started more than two and a half (2-1/2) years ago is now 176 pages long with 10 comment boxes per page. The thread contains the ramblings of an ordinary café owner with vivid descriptions of how it is to run the business, day-in and day-out. Neverexisted, the TS, could have already done a 500-topic weblog with all that he has written on the thread he started.

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