Is Blogging For You?

blog_2After having said that a café owner is in a better position than others to write blogs  because of the time and resources available to him, I will now tackle the question of whether blogging is for you or not. By availability of time and resources,  I mean that you already have the personal computer and internet connection and also the time during lulls in your cafés operation which usually is enough to do online research and write about topics of interest to you.

It is not really for me to tell if blogging is for you. I can only present to you some requirements and guidelines based on Do Six Figures,  but in the the end it will be you who must determine whether it is for you and that you can do it. Just want to remind you at this stage that you should not think of the money you will make doing it but be excited about the joy and satisfaction of expressing your thoughts and opinions on the subjects you will tackle.

There are many blogs about blogging that you can read, digest and decide if it is for you. I have gone through some of them and here’s what for me are the important points to consider before going into it. Take note that you do not need to spend money to start blogging. There are many good platform and hosting available for free to starting bloggers. The decision to have your own domain name and host your blog for a fee can come later.  All you must have is the time and passion to write on topics you like.

Here are the more important questions that I feel one must answer first in the affirmative before he even create his free blogsite. I took it from PROBLOGGER’s site which actually have twenty-three (23) questions for would-be bloggers.

a) Do you enjoy writing? – Blogs are predominantly a written medium. If you do not enjoy writing then the chances are you might not enjoy blogging.

b) Are you a good communicator? – I don’t believe that only good communicators should have blogs – (they can be a tool for people learning communication skills to improve) but it can be an advantage to have some basic communication skills.

c) Are you a self starter? – Starting a blog takes a little initiative. While blog software these days makes it simple to start them, they don’t run themselves and take a motivated person to both getting them off the ground.

d) Are you disciplined? – Similarly blogs require regular attention over time. While daily posting is not essential, it’s probably a good level to aim for. Will you be able to motivate yourself to write something new every day?

e) Are you willing to learn? – I like to look at blogging as a journey where everyone knows something but nobody knows everything. This is the case on any topic you want to blog about and the best bloggers are willing to share what they know but seek out and promote what others know also. In this way everyone learns – even the ‘experts’.

f) Do you enjoy reading? – Being good at writing is very helpful – but so is the ability to read what others are writing. If I were to video tape myself over a day of blogging I suspect I’d find that I spend more time reading each day than writing. For every post I write I would read at least three.

g) Are you willing to work hard? – The level that you need to work on a blog will be dependant upon your goals and objectives for it – but if you have goals of being the next big thing then you’ll be guaranteed of a lot of hard work. Of course this is the case with any thing in life and not just blogs.

I suggest that you read the ProBlogger’s article but I say, you do not need to be compliant to all the suggested requirements to decide and start blogging. Being affirmative on the above-quoted questions should be enough.

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