Blogging as Pastime for I-Café Owners

blogIn these days that the i-café business is not doing that well, may I recommend you to go blogging? Much has been said about it and you might have also read a lot about making money by blogging. Sad to say, it is easier said than done. Earning money is not the best to aim for if you want to go blogging. You should have a more noble intention other than making money if you want to enjoy blogging.

Blogging is defined in many ways by many writers and I found the one by Pinoy Blogero as the nearest to its meaning when taken into the context of what I am doing. He said blogging is a tool for expressing one’s thoughts and opinions to an online audience. It may not be the exact definition but it has the main idea in it: we blog to express ourselves, NOT JUST to earn money.

Now that you know what blogging is, not only from here but from many sources online, would I endorse it for i-café owners to engage on during their spare time? I should say yes if only for the reason that i-café owners already have the resources, time and machine, to be able to blog. You normally work online 10 to 12 hours a day and I am sure that with a proper time management you could find time to write what’s on your mind and that’s the start of this thing called blogging.

One important note in doing blogs is that you must decide on what will be your main subject. What you will write about should be something of interest to you and your target audience. What could be a better audience than the thousands of i-café owners like you who are always online and ready for what you will write about or blog.

Subject? You choose, there’s plenty. You can blog about LAN games, online games, what’s popular, what’s coming or even cheats if you like but I suggest you should not. You can also write about the issues of ever increasing cost of power and the never-say-die topic on price war and unfair competitions. Just think of topic nearest to your heart, collect your minds and off you go blogging.

But where’s the money that they say you could earn by blogging. Wait, be passionate first on what you will do and that will come later. Yugatech and John Chow got theirs so you should get yours too. More on this in my future posts. Watch for them.

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