My First 90 Days of Blogging

blog_keySerious blogging is what I mean in the title of this article. I can say I am serious in doing it after starting this weblog in 11th of January this year and posting seventy-four (74) articles since then. I went into this activity after more than a year of posting my comments and opinions in forums frequented by café owners.

I am using Cystats statistics plugin on this weblog which is running on WordPress platform. The statistical figures in my admin panel show that this site had 5,015 unique visits and 19,033 hits in its first 90 days of existence. These figures may not be impressive but I am very happy getting you here especially the more than 100 persons visiting this site lately.

Blogging is one activity that makes money for some people doing the thing. Those who engaged in it earlier always advice newbies to just do their blogging without thinking of the money they may make doing it. They say bloggers must blog because they love doing so. It may not matter to some bloggers but sticking to one agenda or subject is important too.

Regular update is also an important ingredient of a good blogsite. Readers patronize a site because of its contents. It goes without saying that if a blogger does not update his site regularly, his readers won’t find new contents and eventually stop visiting his weblog.

I sincerely hope that failure to update would not happen here. As you would see in the statistics above, I am only sixteen (16) blogs short of having daily updates. I plan and strive to update this site 4 to 6 times a week. Sometimes, in a niche blog like this, topics are a little hard to come by.

Your visits to this site are really appreciated and more if you would care to make comments on my blogs. Your comments are what will set my direction in blogging. They reveal the adequacy and inadequacy of the content of my blogs. Keep your comments coming so I could be guided accordingly.

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