ULOP – The Premier Forum for Café Owners


ULOP as a forum means Unified Lanshop Owners Portal and Unified Lanshop Owners of the Philippines as an informal association of Internet café owners in the country. The web forum came out in September 2005 following the initiative of a few concerned Internet café operators to unite all i-café owners in the country. Today, with the vast knowledge and helpful tips that  are being shared, it has become the major playing ground of  café owners in the Philippines.

When a café owner joins ULOP, he is expected to or can expect the following:

  • Share on the experiences of fellow operators.
  • Draw on the expertise of other members.
  • Be posted with the latest on computer technology.
  • Get information overload on developments in your business.
  • Benefit from opportunities for partnership projects and funding.
  • Participate on organized café conferences, lectures and seminars.
  • Get heads-up from the high value information and ideas that flow in.

As of this writing (April 4, 2009), ULOP as forum has 6,740 members, 48 contents, 9 web links and 41,935 content view hits. The membership continues to grow everyday as café owners learn about it through the words of mouth. The premier web forum for café owners can be found at http://www.ulop.net/.

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