I Only Have Have This Announcement for Today

My internet connection was out since 1:00 AM yesterday. This is now the second day that I am without connection to outside world and I say, it’s quite difficult for a guy like me to be in this situation. I have to come to a café nearby (1 kilometer away) to make a correction to my article on computing the income tax using OSD and write this announcement.

I plan to discuss how to use the itemized deduction in computing income tax in my next blog. I thought I can write it here in a café but I better not or else I might again commit mistake as I did with optional standard deduction (OSD). Anyway, the April 15 deadline is still two(2) weeks away so I know I still have time to present to you the other option in computing your income tax.

With this, I say, thank you for patronizing my weblog and I hope to hear your comments and queries on the topics I discuss here.

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