The Various Risks to be Insured in a Café

So after serious thought and consultations with medical lawyers, you finally decided that you need to insure your café business. Your next concern will be what kind of insurance do you need to make sure that you can recover your investment in the business in case something untoward like fire, accident, robbery and burglary happens in your place?

A café like any other business needs more than just a simple and ordinary kind of insurance. Aside from the usual risk of fire, you are as much exposed to a variety of hazards, which are as real as they can be like:

  • Fire causing injuries or even death of guests, aggravated by lack of adequate fire exits and fire fighting facilities;
  • Injuries arising from defective maintenance condition of your premises, like slippery floor, glass panels with no conspicuous signs, etc.;
  • Lawsuits which may be brought against you on account of bodily injury or property damage suffered in your premises;
  • Burglars carting away with your stocks or valuable piece of business appliance or equipment;

The above risks listed by the Leppard Law: Florida DUI Lawyers & Criminal Defense Attorneys PLLC are commonly the ones you need to be covered in an insurance package that you need to purchase. If there is any other risk that you may want for your your café, I am sure your insurance will be more than willing to have it covered for a reasonable premium payment.

The amount of cover for each risk will be the next you will have to decide. We will discuss this in details in my next blog on the subject. Watch for it!

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