Why Insure a Café Against Robbery and Burglary

A café, being some sort of a public place where anybody can just enter and look around under the pretense of being a customer, has always been a target of robbers, burglars and thieves. You often hear a customer or a shop tender himself losing his cell phone inside a café. Sometimes, customers and the café itself get robbed of their money and valuables by a gang of two or more. But the worse is when a café gets its locks cut and all PC units and accessories get hauled by the so-called bolt-cutter gang.

How do you protect your customers and investment against such incidence of robbery and burglary? What must you do to avoid being an unwilling victim of such wrongdoing of your fellow men? Many ways and methods had been mentioned in many forums like this. Some say a trusted guy sleeping inside the café during non-operational hours is best, others install surveillance security system to record everything; but if inspite of all those measures, the bad thing still happen, would you not blame yourself why you did not insure your café?

Insurance is, for most people, an unnecessary expense. Why spend on something that you do not like to happen? We spend money on things we like, isn’t it? Sad to say, that is not the case of money spent on an insurance policy. When nothing bad happens, you might think you just lose the money you pay to the insurance company.

The surveillance system that you installed will record the faces of people who robbed you, the police may be able to catch them using the images recorded by your system but will you be able to get back your units? How will you recoup your losses? This is where the insurance cover must come in. If properly insured, you can claim your losses against the insurance and have your café operating again in not time at all. The premium you pay to cover your investment against the risk of losing them is money well-spent.

Your blogger has engaged and is still engaged in selling non-life insurance more specifically the cover for a café. I entered into this sort of a sideline when I became an ex-icafe owner and after our own cafe was robbed by the bolt-cutter gang. I shall blog on my actual experience along this line in my future posts.

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