Café Forum Now Has A Shoutbox

We have added a shoutbox (labeled Message Board) to Café Forum for the use of our community members who would prefer to post their comments and queries in a more familiar and conspicuous format. The shoutbox cannot be viewed by a forum guest. You have to be a registered forum member to login and use the shoutbox for instant queries and replies by the community members.

Please take note that all topics on this weblog are automatically posted in the Blog Discussion Board of Café Forum so anyone may opt to reply in there rather than here. You have to be a forum member to do so. A regular member can also start any topic at the General Category Section of Café Forum.

The use of the Message Board (shoutbox) requires that you first write your username in a space at the bottom of the box. We request outmost courtesy from all and we plead to all not spam the board. Remember that it is  to everybody’s peace if all of us would use the shoutbox in a gentlemanly manner.

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