This Blog and Its Link to Café Forum

I started this blog in January 11th of 2009 in the free-hosting site of and it immediately got a good number of visits so I decided to transfer it to my own domain and host in February 1st.  Despite the announcement I made before shutting down the original blog, there are presently some misdirections happening as some Google searches still point to my WordPress site but I know it will soon be corrected.

Last February 6th, I put up Cafe Forum and link it to this blog (please see the “Forum” button in our header). By linking, I mean that all my blog topics here will get posted directly posted in the said forum. As such, the blog readers here may opt to post their comments either here or on the forum. I am sorry that the comments you will make here will not get automatically posted on the forum. How I wish it will be so.

By the way, another thing you have to do before you can post replies or start topics at Cafe Forum is to register as member for free. Aside from the Blog Discussion boards in the forum where you can post your comments and queries on the topics on this blog, it also has the General Category boards where members can start any topic on Miscellaneous Topics board and announce or post events at Announcements & Special Events board.

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