Why I Moved To This Site

It is not true that the current economic crisis is the main reason why I move the hosting of my blog to this site. While I trust WordPress can very well host me for free, I, together with my son who is on webhosting business, decided to spend so I could earn. I believe you understand what I mean, WordPress hosting is free but some ads are not allowed on their site.

And while we are on this topic, I might as well say something about my current business model as xicowner (eX-I-Cafe OWNER). I have to quote my past post in at StartUp Biz entitled “My Uncommon Business Model“.

I have read through all your products and services here at Start-Up Biz and I should say mine is a bit uncommon. I also work from home using a PC and the Internet on my B2B and B2C deals. My business model differ from yours and I wish to describe it as follows:

A) I have four (4) young adult children who are all professional and highly-skilled in their own fields. They are all in private practice and do their things in our SOHO.

B) The eldest, a 32-year old male, is a VoIP Specialist on Asterisk programming and had done a lot of projects in the field of IP Telephony design, commissioning and hosting. He is ably supported by my youngest son, a 25-year old Computer Programmer who specialized in web design and construction.

C) My only daughter, our third child, is a 27-year old Philippine-licensed Architect who also does her work in our SOHO. Our second child is a 29-year old male CPA (Certified Public Accountant) doing free-lance accounting and auditing services aside from his employment with Pepsi Co. (Phils).

Yes, their services are available to all of you if you need them. By the way, we do our business from here in the Philippines so you can easily conclude that our prices are very competitive. You can reach me by clicking the “Call Me” button here at My Page.

With the above, I hope that you get to know me better and that you continue to read my blog. Rest assured that I will pursue my goal to discuss the various factors affecting the café business to the best I can. And by the way, your comments and queries are always welcome.

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