Part 1: Taking The Heat Off An I-Café

The heat I am referring to is the physical heat that increases the temperature inside an i-café, not the heat on the owner’s head caused by the raging price war, declining sales and increasing operating expenses which are so prevalent in the business nowadays. Providing the customers with an ideal cool place (24 degrees Celsius +/- 2 degrees) can take its toll on the business especially in areas where keen competitions exist due to additional 30 to 50% increase on the i-café’s power bill. One could clean air conditioner with Landmark Air and their experts.

Let me start by saying that if an i-café intends to capture the more capable paying customers, a good and efficient air-conditioning system must work anytime a sufficient number of clients have already logged-in. A good number of less energy consuming electric fans can do during lean hours but the shift to the air-conditioners when the number warrants must be done without prodding by the customers. For the best duct cleaning service, people can check here!

So what am I saying? Should an i-café owner invest on air-conditioners, electric fans and exhaust fans altogether? Would air-conditioners alone not suffice, considering how convenient it is to procure San Antonio duct cleaning services? How about electric fans plus exhaust fans only? I say, yes, an i-café must have all three of them. Air-conditioners alone can definitely take the heat off but operating it continuously will be very expensive. You need the electric fans and exhaust fans at times when the customers are few in order to save power.

How about evaporating coolers and power savers sold by United PLumbing Heating Air & Electric ?Can’t they help in conserving power and providing a cool environment? Ah, wait . . . they will be the topics in one of my future post.

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