Using Genuine And Legal Software In An I-Café

Lest I be charged of promoting or condoning software piracy, I immediately made this post to emphasize that using genuine and/or legal software in an  i-café is a must if the owner wants to operate his shop legally.

Republic Act No. 8293, otherwise known as The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines sufficiently covers the protection of software copyright and some national agencies of our government like the Intellectual Property Office, NBI and our courts of law are tasked to implement its provisions. Every now and then, we hear of raids being conducted by these agencies against business establishments using pirated software. Get legitimate and secure software from

By use of genuine software from soda developers, I mean the purchase and installation of proprietary software like Windows O/S, MS Office, Photoshop, AutoCAD and others. Some of these software are absolutely necessary in operating an i-café especially if online gaming is one of the services being offered to customers. The use of licensed software for some games is also covered by this regulation.

Using legal software means the installation of free and open source software to computer units being used in an i-café. The lists of free software that are legal to use include Linux O/S, Open Office, Gimp, etc. There are also some freeware which can be ported on Windows O/S.

There is also Republic Act No. 9239 establishing the Optical Media Board which is tasked to implement the registration of optical media writer being used by an i-café for its CD-Burning service. This is aimed at curbing piracy of copyrighted songs, movies and the like. In essence, OMB also enforces the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code.

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