I started this blog in January of 2009 as part of my personal advocacy for the internet café industry in the Philippines. Originally titled as Owning an I-Café, I wrote and maintained this site for the purpose of recording the different variables that an i-café owner must tackle in his pursuit for excellence or survival in the highly competitive internet cafe business in the country.

As  a former i-café owner, I experienced and observed what happened in the industry from its infancy up to its current status. In the process, I helped organized an internet café association in an urban city and had many dealings with the regulators of the industry.

After two (2) years of advocacy for the industry, I found my topics about i-café business to be limiting my blogging activity so I decided to change the title to EdZee’s Net Logs. With the change, I now include my reminiscence of the past, insights on current events and foresight of the future from my personal point of view.

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