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ULOP – The Premier Forum for Café Owners

ulop1 ULOP   The Premier Forum for Café Owners

ULOP as a forum means Unified Lanshop Owners Portal and Unified Lanshop Owners of the Philippines as an informal association of Internet café owners in the country. The web forum came out in September 2005 following the initiative of a few concerned Internet café operators to unite all café owners in the country. Today, with the vast knowledge and helpful tips that  are being shared, it has become the major playing ground of  café owners in the Philippines.

When a café owner joins ULOP, he is expected to or can expect the following:

  • Share on the experiences of fellow operators.
  • Draw on the expertise of other members.
  • Be posted with the latest on computer technology.
  • Get information overload on developments in your business.
  • Benefit from opportunities for partnership projects and funding.
  • Participate on organized café conferences, lectures and seminars.
  • Get heads-up from the high value information and ideas that flow in.

As of this writing (April 4, 2009), ULOP as forum has 6,740 members, 48 contents, 9 web links and 41,935 content view hits. The membership continues to grow everyday as café owners learn about it through the words of mouth. The premier web forum for café owners can be found at http://www.ulop.net/.

pixel ULOP   The Premier Forum for Café Owners
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  1. if you’re a cafe owner (or prospective owner), and is still not a ulopian, you’re missing a lot. ^^

    some are getting into the industry blind, and ulop can show you what it takes to be a respectable lanshop owner.
    .-= Bien´s last blog ..WHO ARE WE? =-.

  2. I’m very thankful that ive found ULOP FORUM It helps me a lot and I’ve met so many friends that help me in 3 years of computer business from noob to pro i say I’ve learned it here !!

    I’m proud to be a ULOPIAN!!!

  3. two THUMBS UP!!!!!

    proud to be a MEMBER of ULOP!

  4. free membership po ang ULOP, kung gusto nyo po magkaroon ng idea sa internet cafe business join na po kayo. Nandito po kaming lahat, handang tumulong sa inyo.

  5. Ulop is the best …. am proud that am one of the member in Ulop.

    You can search all topics that normally asked …. everything under the sky …. you’ll find answers here.

    More Power ULOP…..

  6. ULOP rocks…thanks for everything

  7. Maraming salamat, mga kakosang Ulopians. Your blogger is also a proud member of ULOP.

    Siyanga pala, baka naman gusto n’yo rin lumabas dito ang inyong avatar katulad ko. Napakadali lang. Basahin n’yo lang yung article ko tungkol sa GRAVATAR, sundin kung paano gumawa ng free account at instantly magkaroon din kayo ng avatar hindi lang dito kundi sa lahat ng WordPress blog na bibisitahin ninyo.

  8. The first time ko na makita ang site ng ULOP kala ko ganun ganun lang…nagtanong ako… aba at ang SIR BIEN agad ang sumagot at dali dali naman akong ginawa ang sinabi nya… magaling magaling magaling… di ko naayos hhahahaha…. kasi may hindi ako nabasa sa sinabi nya.. toink!!! error… ko… mali pala ako… akala ko yun ang una’t huli ko sa site… pero parang may gayuma sila na babalik balikan pala… lalo na pag may mga bagay bagay na hindi mo maresolba… type mo lang ang ulop.net. masasabi ko dito… Great!!! at sa mga nagisip na itayo ang site na to.. saludo ako sa inyo… sa mga mods… I am proud to be a ka-ULOP… at pag nalulungkot kayo??? daan lang dito sa ulop… sasaya kayo… makita nyo lang ako eheheh… joke…

  9. i studied four years learning how to cook, nasunog pa sinaing ko kanina.
    after being a ulop member for four month, i just assemble a new pc unit
    of my own complete with all the installations. musta na kaya yung technician
    ko almost six months na siya di napasyal dito sa shop ha…..

    ….i blame it all to ulop.

  10. I am proud to be a member of ULOP i learn a lot.YES! you too are welcome. be part of our BIG Family! ^^

  11. Ang ULOP ay para sa lahat ng may problema…Di lang sa computer at sa lahat ng pwedeng itanong meron sasagot. Kaya dito lang ako nagbabasa at natutuno ng marami. Salamat sa lahat ng tulong ninyo. ULOP para sa akin Unity, Lovable, Offer solution and Proud to be ULOPIAN!!!!!

  12. ULOP is where we try to get to the bottom of every subject people can think of (yes, not only about computers). ask, and it shall be answered. some people even ask about their personal problems. in ULOP, you only get the truth, not just “what you want to hear”. ^^
    .-= Bien´s last blog ..WHO ARE WE? =-.